Our People

Dr Christopher A. Green

Dr Christopher A. Green (Managing Director, PE and Frac Specialist)

BIO: Chris’s qualifications comprise a BSc/PhD in Physical Chemistry and an MS in Petroleum Engineering and he has over 20 years international oil and gas experience. He has worked world-wide in some of the most remote areas of the world, including Russia and Africa. He now has more than a decades experience assessing and developing unconventional reservoirs (UNCON: Tight Gas, CBM and Shale reservoirs), both in the US and world-wide.

Originally, he started his career in oilfield production chemicals, before specializing in production engineering and subsequently operations management. In 2003, he returned to US academia to study for a Master’s in Petroleum Engineering, where he investigated optimized hydraulic fracturing techniques in Tight Gas Reservoirs using 3D modeling of fracs calibrated using microseismic and 4D seismic technologies in the FAST/RCP consortia.

After completing his MS studies, Chris worked in the Paris technical group for a private oil & gas operator, where he was involved in implementing geomechanical studies to improve completion, perforation and acid/fracturing stimulation practices world-wide. During this time Chris implemented a number of successful “industry first” applications of hydraulic fracturing in both North and West Africa, as well as overseeing a project to have operator owned frac equipment in West Africa. In 2010, he took on additional responsibility as the wells Technical Authority (TA) to specifically oversee the well integrity of their offshore, UK assets. Finally, in 2011, he started a hydraulic fracture consultancy group, eFrac®, specializing in the development of UNCON’s world-wide. The eFrac® mission is to ensure application of industry best practices and technologies in unconventional reservoir development that maximize production and minimize environmental risk. To ensure that eFrac® are aware of the latest advances in UNCON development, the company maintains strong relationships with US academia, SPE and also US-based hydraulic fracture consultants.