Global Frac Examination Expertise

Production Enhancement for Asset Sustainability

eFrac® is a leading independent stimulation consultancy group specializing in project management for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

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Established in 2011, eFrac® aims to ensure application of industry best practices and technologies that maximise production and minimise environmental risk in unconventional reservoirs.

eFrac® is used to working with all the major pumping service companies on large projects, especially in remote locations world-wide.

To achieve our goals eFrac® retains strong links with US-based research and consulting companies, so that if there is ever a problem that we haven’t seen before, we have the required support and know who to ask?

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“Unconventional success by design” – Unconventional reservoirs require unconventional solutions and having worked with operators in some of the most difficult conventional and unconventional reservoirs world-wide, we have a unique, proven perspective of what is required to achieve stimulation success.

“If we designed it, we’ll deliver it” – As well as a stimulation design service, the company prides itself on having a class leading on-site frac project management service, where we will supervise project execution to ensure optimal delivery on time and under budget.

“Operator deliverability, not service company profitability” – Having worked for both large and small independent operators world-wide, we appreciate what operators require to get the job done. If you want an appropriate, successful, cost-effective, low-risk strategy to deliver your stimulation goals, contact eFrac®.


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Research Support:

eFrac® expertise was developed at Colorado School of Mines (CSM) studying the Piceance Basin. The company still remains actively involved with the Fracturing Acidising and Stimulation Technology (FAST) Consortium at Colorado School of Mines.


eFrac® works with consultants at Barree and Associates, Denver, Colorado and is able to contact them for technical support, as and when required.

eFrac® also remains involved in SPE and is especially interested in encouraging young people into the oil and gas industry.